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Beautiful Picture the sky is a crystal clear blue. The pathway makes me feel welcomed. Dua for the words.

After reading your feedback. What came up for me was ignorance of self. My dad has always told me not to believe, belief limits you, which i have taken on. Even when i say the words believe or faith, i can feel a blockage in my stomach, the word scares me, but also i do feel a slight tenderness in my heart. Believe and faith have a deeper meaning within my being which i haven’t even looked upon, till now. In relation to Shetaut Neter and my studies, if my ego Set is against believing, Set will also be against believing in Shetaut Neter and my studies and seeking the truth. So i see why believing is requisite for progressing as it is aligned with Maat truth, balance, order and also my heart. Maat is one of the most fundamental principles of shetaut Neter and must be applied to move forward, or i will remain in the battle or the struggles of Set and Heru, good and bad, lower self and higher self, right and wrong.

Thank you, i am beginning to see things clearer