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(4)”Have faith in your master’s ability to lead you along the path
of truth,”

(5)”Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth,”

(6)”Have faith in your ability to act with wisdom,”

-From the Ancient Egyptian 10 Virtues of the Initiates


Believing or having faith in the wisdom of the teaching is a requisite for progressing on the path. Faith that is sane and righteous (Maatian) is born of trust in that which is not fully understood but which has a sound basis. This is like having faith in an electrical appliance; the person may not know how electricity works but they have faith in its effectiveness as it can be seen working. In the teachings we are to have faith in what works in accord and harmony with truth and in our own experience that we can discern. So the faith eventually is to give way to experience of the truth and not just faith as in trusting what is not seen because somebody said it was there; otherwise that would be called “Blind Faith” as in what is practiced in “Faith Based Religions”. In the “Mystery religion” we are to have faith in that we will be able to experience higher consciousness even before death and not faith that after death somehow we go to heaven. We have the faith because we see its effects in people and in the magnanimity of their accomplishments, i.e. the colossal temples such as Karnak and towering personalities such as Imhotep.

So once a aspirant has vetted the teaching and the teacher intellectually they can allow themselves to have feelings of faith towards them and work to cultivate the feeling and intellect more until there is no need for faith; that state where faith is no longer needed is called Nehast – or Enlightenment.

With this feedback reply to this post with any new reflections you may have on the issue of faith and your perspective on faith as applies to your studies.