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Slide From 2014 Neterian Conference presentation hieroglyphic texts and teaching of Shedy 17 Summary Highlights for Blogtalk G 5-30-15--Pray in silence

Slide from Highlights of Shedy presentation 2015


Overall a good post.

Some comments and one correction.

The question of: “or when nobody knows what they are doing?” related to how an aspirant should feel when only they are witness and responsible for their spiritual practice and evolution; when there are no onlookers and it is up to them to be true to themselves and face their diligence or negligence or in-between. Sage Ani says the prayer should be in silence and not with revelings, boisterousness, showing off to others or doing so thinking that God wants loudness. Actually God wants the opposite, that is to say the communion occurs in a place beyond silence but the silence leads to that place. Loud external rituals are for lower levels of practice of religion, a kind of kindergarten stage – in other words, and it is ok for those who are in that level to practice in that way but for the advanced temple practice it is a different story.


As for the answer: “7. What is the meaning of the term Seba? Seba is the title of a spiritual preceptor,”

The “Seba” is a teacher, a illuminer, just as any teacher illumines the subject at hand for the willing and able student. And there can be Seba’s of different levels of teaching from elementary to advanced and a Seba can be of lower mysteries or of higher. The Sebai is the preceptor and also an illuminer but a illuminer of high mysteries philosophy who has also advanced on the spiritual path.


Make the necessary corrections to your post and move forwards.