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muata and dja teaching -conference atlantaA Shedy Class in progress


Hail, Åmen, let me make supplication unto thee, for I know thy name, and thy transformations are in my mouth, and thy skin is before my eyes. Come, I pray thee, and place thou thine heir and thine image, myself, in the everlasting underworld… let my whole body become like that of a neter, let me escape from the evil chamber and let me not be imprisoned therein; for I worship thy name..


Good post.

A brief comment on the statement: “The teacher is there to remove the clouds of ignorance that obscure this reality.”

Indeed the teacher is there to remove clouds but cannot do that independently. Surely everyone has met people and perhaps the example is in themselves at some point in time, where a truth is given and yet the mind does not accept it or better said, cannot yet accept it because the force of the momentum, the compelling energy of past aryu is preventing a person from making changes even they know are necessary. Yet they cannot make those changes and will have to suffer the consequences because they are not able to follow the path laid out by the teacher. Until such time they will have the burden of knowing what they should be doing but at the same time experience the incapacity to do it. The remedy is more shedy and diligent work to cleanse the unconscious mind by putting in new positive aryu by acting with Maat. This cleanses the gross impurities and eventually renders the mind pure enough to allow it to control the personality and then the subtle teachings can be studied and followed so that there may be a full and permanent transformation of mind into a self-mastered mode instead of being led by the ego to perdition and suffering.


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