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Lesson 6, Leve1 Video Assignment Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

List the important themes presented

Focusing our attention to the love of the divine, practicing the disciplines of the devotional path through singing, meditation, chanting, and offering to the divinity this is known as the offering for the alter ritual. Lighting incense symbolises burning out your personality, when done in righteousness of truth the fragrance raises to the divine. The pouring of water represents, mental thoughts, leading to thoughts of the divine too. Food is also part of the offering as well.

The spoken offering Hekau are words of power. Hekau are mystic formulas which an aspirant uses in a process of self-alchemy. Reciting the words Hekau involves repetition, to the point where you become one with it, coming from a place of meaning and feeling helps with this practise.

The three parts of the Ancient Egyptian temples were divided into three levels which are in alignment with the three levels of aspirants. Each level works in accordance with each other. Furthermore spiritual cosmic forces prevent aspirants that are not ready from entering into the temples also.

There are three stages of religion Myth, Ritual and Mysticism. Myth is learning the stories and the tradition. The second is where Rituals are learned and practised. The third Mysticism is where the aspirant goes beyond myths and rituals, where they attain the ultimate goal of religion.

“Those who cling to the idea that religion has to be related to a particular culture and its specific practices or rituals will always have some differences with someone else’s conception. In the three stages of religion, Myth, Ritual and Mysticism, culture belongs to the myth stage of religious practice, the most elementary level.” Sebai Maa

The way of Shetaut Neter, discovers the hidden mysteries and the devotion to the divine leads us to freedom from the fetters of Set.

Explain what most impressed you the most in this presentation

What impressed me the most and what I am striving for at the moment is to see that the world and the things in it are impermanent. Reflecting on this helps as I think about Set the divinity of the ego and unrighteousness. In awareness my unrighteous thoughts linked with Set, don’t last, so why do I continue to choose unhappiness instead of happiness in that moment. Even my children are not going to be here forever and my family so why do I cling on to them, like a childish little girl as well as silly little things. I hear when Sebai states everything is composed of energy, where thought goes energy follows. These are some of the questions I ask myself. My thoughts, feeling etc are not aligned with truth “Maat” In reading more about Asar, Set, Heru and Maat in awareness; I am slowly starting to awaken to their consciousness in my being.