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Seba Dja


Sebai Maa’s & My Post to Charles (above & reposed below) addresses this question. In addition, realize that the awareness of Set is not a Setian experience, but a Heru experience. In other words, it is because of your growing Heru-consciousness that you now can become aware that your actions/behavior/thoughts/feelings, are in error. Further, before, those egoistic expressions were you and there was no separation to be able to objectively notice them…separate from You. Just being able to identify them as Set, as something other than you (Heru), is a great achievement in the practice of detachment, the beginning stages of seeing the sky separate from the clouds, and awareness that you are the sky like self, and they are the ego like clouds, which only SEEM to condition you. However, this awareness and the detachment is not easy to practice when the mind is dull and agitated…so the practical steps below can assist with shifting the mind/mood.

Sebai Maa: ‘Some additional words on negative moods and feelings.
In handling negative moods and feelings some helpful techniques are first breathing deeply, removing oneself from the immediate source of anger if one’s own personality is out of control. When the mind is calm applying reason based on the philosophy and with that devotional chant. This has the effect of breaking the physiological cycle of feelings and emotions that has been setup in the aryu (pushing your buttons) so you can take control of the personality instead of being guided (controlled) by the negative aryu of the past. This practice improves in degrees and is to be applied with continuous effort daily”

Seba Dja:

“In addition to S. Maa’s post, each of the Shedy disciplines provide tools to overcome egoistic feelings and actions…including going for a walk in nature (neteru), breathing, chanting, Tjef Neteru, reflections, engaging in righteous actions, even ones such as doing practical righteous actions (laundry, cleaning, etc), reading a proverb, or recalling at teaching, reflecting on the teachings, deep breathing, meditation…it depends on the degree of egoism being experienced, the environment one is in (work versus home versus social gathering, etc), and one’s prior efforts in this area, how far one has already advanced.

In general if the mind is in a dull state, it would engage in actions to shift it to a more lucid state, where the teachings can be effective and deeper reflections and meditation can be practiced.”

S. Dja