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“To suffer, is a necessity entailed upon your nature, would you prefer that miracles should protect you from its lessons or shalt you repine, because it happened unto you, when lo it happened unto all? Suffering is the golden cross upon which the rose of the Soul unfolds.”


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Very well.

It is important to think about the short and long-term implications of the failure of religions that operate in a limited form. People who follow those do fail in their spiritual journey in that particular lifetime though the failure serves to provide them with suffering that may in a future life allow them some space, via cleansing of the aryu (to some degree) to allow the possibility of a better incarnation and outcome in the future. So the failure is not permanent and in this we can take solace and be compassionate and understanding but also wise and free (detached) from the failings and limitations of the world; for we do not want to fall into the chasm of suffering over lifetimes!

As you embark on your new phase of spiritual life keep in mind the wisdom of maat in that actions that bring undue stress or imbalance may not be on course with Maat philosophy. For example, if you decide to take on a new challenge in life that disrupts the rhythm of the spiritual disciplines and you stop meditating or doing daily worship or attending class, then that challenge, if it is being taken on by choice, may not be getting the best approach possible and may need to be reflected upon as to what adjustments may need to be made so as to bring about a balanced movement even during challenging times.