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noon day worship picture from video

Image from the Noon-time Devotional Worship session video


A well comprehended lesson.

A comment about your answer in:

  1. The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the __emotional___ aspect of the personality.

The Yoga of Devotion not only enhances and harnesses but first heals and empowers. Many, well most people are thwarted by their emotional dysfunctions, regrets, shames, pains, etc. This occurs due to negative aryu that contain negative feelings from the past. Feelings are more powerful than intellect in directing the course of life, behavior and reasoning. This is why advertisers work more to evoke emotional response than intellectual arguments when making advertisements.

The path of Devotion helps by tapping into higher feeling, the feeling of being the Higher Self. So worshiping that in the form of a tutelary or by other means and forms taps into correct (wise), that is true (ethical) feeling that is beyond the limited (albeit powerful) ego based feelings that control the ignorant human personality. This helps cleanse the negative feelings, correct them or sublimate them towards a higher perspective. So when we say an aspirant needs to develop “saa” saa means understanding with feeling. So it is not just intellectual understanding but also feeling the truth.

Therefore, an aspirant should never think that all they have to do is study the wisdom and that worship is not important. To the contrary, both are as important to the development of the enlightened mind. which is why the proverb goes:


“If you seek GOD, you seek for the Beautiful. One is the Path that leads unto GOD – Devotion joined with Wisdom.”