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Seba Dja

Udja Shems Baket,

Re: Path of Devotional Love –… This path is a two-fold path it enjoins Devotion and Wisdom.”

Also, Devotion is also enjoined in meditation, as the mind flows to that which is loves.

This is one of the challenges most people have with meditation…that they can’t keep the mind steady…that it is constantly flowing to things the worldly things they love.. Because they don’t know true love of the Self, this type of love is more accurately, from a mystical perspective, termed attachment. They may say they are thinking of someone they hate, but still that the mind is flowing there, it is an attachment to the person, to the ideas about hating someone, to ideas of being the body, of being the ego-personality, etc.

The challenge is expressed in the following proverb: Kemetic Proverb:
“It is very hard, to leave the things we have grown used to, which meet our gaze on every side. Appearances delight us, whereas things which appear not, make their believing hard. Evils are the more apparent things, whereas the Good can never show Itself unto the eyes, for It hath neither form nor figure.”

But when the mind is attached to the Divine, starting with one’s tutelary divinity, which has both form and figure, the attachment then is sublimated into Mer, love, and this power of the mind to think of that which it loves can allow the mind to concentrate on the divine, to flow to the divine, and to be able to meditate on the Divine, and discover the subtler/deeper aspect of the Divine that has neither form nor figure.

Especially in our tradition, the myths are to engender devotional feelings and also the mythic stories occupy the mind with thoughts about the divine (instead of the mind being filled with worldly thoughts), both of which facilitates the development of concentration on the divine and flow of the mind to the divine…leading to meditation on the Divine.

Thus, Uaa also enjoins Uashu.

HTP, S. Dja