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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1- Lesson #7 Audio Assignment: Lesson 224A- What is necessary for success on the spiritual path?

1-What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

The term “Shedy” refers to the penetration of the Mysteries, through activities that give insight into the teachings. Through the perspective of Shetaut Neter, the ordinary human being is considered to be dead, or a mummy. Through spiritual resurrection, a human becomes truly alive.

In order to succeed on the spiritual path, it is necessary to foster virtues, bring those virtues into daily life, and engage in spiritual practice on a continuous basis. There are multiple principles of Maat philosophy, but the most important is truthfulness, or living in accordance with the truth.
Purity is necessary in order for the truth to be seen. Impurities such as anger, jealousy, and a life lived in pursuit of sense pleasures cloud the intellect, and prevent understanding of the higher teachings.

An aspirant’s spiritual life should be steady, balanced, and flexible. An aspirant should think of his or herself as a conduit for the divine. Treating self and others in a virtuous manner promotes internal and external balance. Selfless service is good way to increase humility; humility allows an aspirant to be open to hearing the truth, no matter where it comes from.

2-Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

I use chants throughout the day to remind myself of divine oneness as I interact with others. I am also learning to let go of my expectations, which would otherwise cause me a great deal of anxiety and distracting emotions. I am also refining my diet in order to increase its purity. I would say that my spiritual practice is continuous…

3-If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

…but my spiritual practice is not as steady as I would like it to be. I would like to be more consistent about the times of day, amounts of time, e.t.c. that I spend on my meditation and devotional worship. Also, I would like to devote more time to Smai Tawi in particular. To be more consistent with my spiritual practice, I think I need to find ways to bring more order into my life in general, which feels difficult with young children and a busy schedule. At the same time, I find that the more I focus on Maat in my spiritual practice, the easier it is to achieve order in my daily life. And that allows me to spend more time developing my spiritual practice. So at the moment, my main objectives are to keep Maat philosophy on my mind, and to push myself, while being patient at the same time.