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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1- Lesson #7 Book Reading: pp. 69 -90

How should a spiritual aspirant think about the prospect of “becoming godlike” and their capacity to live a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline and is this possible for everyone? If so why so? If not why not?

I think it is possible for everyone to “become godlike.” We are all God, so becoming Godlike would only involve remembering who we really are. I think that no matter where a person is in life, steps can be taken toward achieving the purity that allows the true Self to shine through. From this lesson, it seems like living a life of virtue and cultivating the spirit through scientific knowledge and the Shedy disciplines are what lead to that purity.

What kind of text is Papyrus of Any?

Papyrus of Any is a Mystical Philosophy and Ritual Scripture.

The symbol of Neter is an Ankh? True/False

False. The symbol of Neter is a wooden staff, wrapped in strips of fabric like a mummy.

What is the meaning of the term “Neteru”?

The “Neteru” are the gods and goddesses that emanate from the one Supreme Divinity.

There 3 main traditions in Shetaut Neter. True/False

False. There are 5 main traditions in Shetaut Neter: Shetaut Anu, Shetaut Menefer, Shetaut Waset, Shetaut Netrit, Shetaut Asar, and Shetaut Aton.

The gods and goddesses who are whose thoughts?

In the Memphite tradition, the gods and goddesses are the thoughts of the Supreme being in the form of Ptah.

In what period did the Temple of Amun become important?

The Temple of Amun became important in the early part of the New Kingdom Era.

True or False
The goddess as well as the female gender were respected and elevated as the male divinities in Kemetic religion?


The centers of Asarian Tradition tradition were the city of _Abdu_(Great Temple of Asar,) the city of Pilak (Great Temple of Aset,) and Edfu (Great Temple of Heru.)___________________

Teachings of the Aton Tradition are related to the Neter ____Aton__________________________.