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A reflective posting
The points you mentioned in #2 are important for you to have noticed. Many times, well, most times, people do not come to these realizations. Most people approach the teaching not realizing its significance nor the manner in which it can be most effective. They approach it through western norms or secular egoistic ideals as you would approaching a doctor expecting a pill and go home to your life; They may attend a few classes but when the soda-water enthusiasm wears off and the reality of the work required reveals itself, they migrate to the easier path which is a road to worldly disappointments and in the end, death without achieving the goal of life but rather the accumulation of more aryu to promote more of the same kind of reincarnation again in the future. They go their own way not realizing that there is no pill and that true health comes from living healthily which is to be learned from the wise- who are to be approached not only with respect but with cogent imminence. For otherwise there will be communion with that which leads to the oppressiveness an illusory search for self-fulfillment or worse, narcissism, codependency, codependent narcissism or narcissistic codependency or a myriad other complications of egoism; you get the point.
Therefore, it is enjoined that when a soul truly begins to recognize the predicament it truly is in and a path of resolution has be discovered and started, that that soul is blessed beyond measure, destined to enjoy:

“The lips of the wise are as the doors of a cabinet; no sooner are they opened, but treasures are poured out before you. Like unto trees of gold arranged in beds of silver, are wise sentences uttered in due season.”