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“The purpose of all human life is to achieve a state of consciousness apart from bodily concerns.”

Very good.
I want to give a little clarification on your answer to #2. In your last statement you say: “As this occurs, an aspirant will naturally rise above past conditions.” In understanding philosophy it is very important to be precise with the words used and to have clear understandings of the words that are being used so the exchange of knowledge may be correct and bear the desired fruit of enlightenment. The term meant is “conditioning” and not “conditions. Conditioning relates to the effect that past experiences have had in forming the personality. Past conditions might have been part of the situations that led to the current conditioning of the personality. Shedy and correct understanding of the philosophy lead to breaking the conditioning of the past and allows the discovery of un-conditioned consciousness. When consciousness is conditioned it is called “individual soul”; when consciousness is un-conditioned it is called “Spirit”. The conditioning is due to experiences that have conditioned the mind into the finite and limited form of an individual personality but the conditioning itself is illusory and not abiding, just as when the a clear sky is seemingly “conditioned” “constricted, “formed” into the shapes of the cloudy or stormy days; therefore the process of shedy causes the illusory conditioning to be dismantled, thereby allowing the true personality, the higher self, to emerge.