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Level 1 Lesson 5 Intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 2

1. What where the Important themes in the video?

The devotion practices where done 3 times daily in connection with the 3 phases of the sun.

Temple of Aset practices:
Listening to the teachings
Reflecting on the Teachings
Meditating on the Teachings

Offering of Maat was practiced at all temples along with the devotion and meditation practices.

Shetaut Neter has several different meditations which include the Serpent Power meditation and the Tree of Life meditation.

I like the point that Sba Dja made that we can practice our main style of meditation while at certain times partaking of different systems without any contradiction.

The Glorious Light Meditation comes from King Seti’s Tomb.

Good association is a key ingredient to spiritual practice.

Shemsu Udja Sheti – burning desire and aspiration to attain Nehast is what is needed. A burning desire to practice the disciplines is needed as well.

If you don’t have a burning desire then you will have Tenem , loosing the way, wondering lost, turned away from. The movement of Tenem represents a backwards movement, a movement towards contraction, towards cutting oneself off from the divine.

The final objective is to be able to say Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter. I am what I am. Asar the Divinity.

Having contact with a Sebai is very much needed to heal you, to lead back to your true essence. “If books were all that is needed we would only have libraries and not universities. What happens at a university is that you are instructed by a teacher.” A great example to show the necessity in a teacher when trying to reach the goal of life Nehast.

2. What impressed me the most in the video?
The first thing that impressed me was the variety in meditation techniques that one can choose. The second was the fact that certain rituals were practiced in all the temples. The third thing that impressed me was that of good association and the benefits you receive from it without your awareness. It really didn’t impact me in this way until I joined the class. It really helps me to feel a more deeper connection to the teachings and teacher. Along with the other media and email correspondence it helps as a focusing tool as well. Being able to read the various comments really aids in my reflection on the teachings as well. It is good to be in the company of those who follow the same teachings as I do.