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Dua Sabai,

Dua for assisting me in becoming aware of my misconception. After reading your response and reflecting, my statement should be:

” If a person has reached Nehast the person has reached a high level of accountability in that they are aware that all of their actions, thoughts, and speech created their reality, which was an illusion.”

My prior incorrect statement was very telling. Being diligent in monitoring and controlling my speech, thoughts and actions has been a tremendous task. In my perception I see this as ongoing and never ending, which is incorrect. Even before I began the Kemetic studies on some level I knew this. however, I did not understand it or how to correct it.

I am not the same person I was and I have grown under your guidance. Now I am more aware of why this is so important and I have my Shedy practice and an opportunity to understand more. Again, Dua