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Many important aspects of Maat philosophy were covered in this reading.
In addition here are a few more points. The informal practice of Maat philosophy cannot be underestimated because it is this aspect that rectifies external life and which renders it “true” meaning righteous so that the actions of such a personality do not create negative aryu and to the contrary create positive aryu – and thus purity of heart (unconscious mind). Another important aspect is that they lead to HTP or peace and balance which produces a life free of anxiety since such a person lives for truth and not for acquiring objects or in fear of losing objects; not living to prove anything to others or to ridicule others; not living to create entanglements but only to have those that are needed for life; not desiring what is egoistic but only what is within the bounds of order and truth. Such a mind is able to have peace and mental balance for deep meditation and no impinging thoughts derived from an agitated life. So Maat has two aspects, a secular aspect and a non-secular aspect. This is why it is important to pay attention to the secular aspect and not be neglectful thinking only of the inner life. This understanding brings balance between the outer and inner experience leading to HTP or canceling out of all opposites leading to transcendence of time and space and the awareness of cosmic order and truth. This is what Maat philosophy is really all about. The song Maat Ankhu is based on an Ancient Egyptian Scripture that demonstrates the all-encompassing nature of Maat.


Maat Ankhu— Maat Ankhu Maat Maat is the source of life
Maat neb bu ten — Maat is in everywhere you are
Cha hena Maat — Rise in the morning with Maat
Ankh hena Maat— Live with Maat
Ha sema Maat — Let every limb join with Maat

Composed in the traditional Ancient Egyptian style, Maat Ankhu was inspired by the text of the Ancient Egyptian text now referred to as the Berlin Papyrus. As a long time student of Maat Philosophy from Ancient Egypt this song evoked the wonder and glory of knowing that the goddess (Maat) is everywhere and in anything and that if we live our lives in harmony with her by acting righteously and acknowledging the divine in every aspect of our lives we will discover the glory of spiritual enlightenment. This song is for anyone in need of support from the source of truth, righteousness and harmony. For more on the philosophy of Maat see my two books The Wisdom of Maati and The 42 Precepts of Maat.