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“If Mind and Divine Speech are used as meant, you will not differ from the immortals in any way.”


Indeed, the questions throughout the course program L1-L2-L3 have been formulated in a special didactic format based on initiatic principles so as to stimulate the reflective process and draw out the deeper reasoning capacity of the aspirant. Therefore, the experience which you describe is the one desired. It is not to be forced though, rather, is more of an organic process based on the engagement of a qualified aspirant with the righteous teaching and competent guidance. This is the work of the “process” of spiritual evolution, which most people cannot engage and which the valiant aspirant [Heru] moves towards. In the beginning it is not easy for most people [facing one’s unconscious issues (fears, misconceptions, negative feelings, desires and delusions, etc.)] but when a certain amount of purity of heart [living by maat] and understanding [saa] are achieved this overcomes the fears and lack of disposition to look within to cleanse the impure aryu. So the more an aspirant can engage the process the more qualified they become to advance further and surmount future obstacles and in fact the obstacles get easier until the personality becomes so strong, centered, purified and enfolded by Divine grace through shedy, that the obstacles have no chance in the face of the avid aspirant.