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“O praise the goodness of the Supreme Being with songs for thanksgiving, and meditate in silence on the wonders of the love of the Divine; let thy heart overflow with gratitude and acknowledgment, let the language of thy lips speak praise and adoration, let the actions of thy life show thy love to Universal Law.”



Ideally, it has been enjoined to start the practice of meditation with 10 minutes and certainly if the practice is a guided meditation that is very doable. Many people starting out, if they do so with self instruction such as a book or being taught and then asked to do it on their own, have much trouble in doing the practice and sustaining it. For this reason the minimal starting time has been reduced to 5 minutes if it is unguided. If following along with a recording then it is easier. Doing a short meditation in a live setting would be most optimal. Yet everyone must start if they can, with the resources and time available and the idea is that if there is any start it will develop more capacity, in terms of inner peace and mental concentration, to extend the practice and draw more and more experiences of peace that will continue encouraging the personality to increase the practice to an increasingly effective level over time.