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slide from Shedy Wisdom presentation showing good association



a good post.

A few words on the concept of guidance. In the scripture presented in the 2014 Neterian Conference the instruction from the scripture talked about being in the company of the pure and the priests and priestesses. This may be understood, by extension, as keeping company with positive people, those who are seeking to better themselves generally and of course those who are practicing the disciplines that purify the personality which includes those who are spiritual aspirants at the varied levels and going from there to the higher initiates.

Recalling the teaching of sage Imhotep, about wisdom:

“Do not be proud and arrogant with your knowledge. Consult with the ignorant and wise. Truth may be found among maids at the grindstones.”


Therefore, we are to keep in mind that the higher initiates may be seen as more ideal sources though since all is connected to the Divine there can be certain teachings that may come even from nature, animals and the elements or people who do not know they are saying something wise that actually may be a special insight just for you alone out of all the beings in the universe. Therefore be concentrated on the more ideal sources but also be open to the possibility of divine insight available from all sources.