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Heru leading female initiate2

“Be not carried off by the fierce flood, but using the shore-current, ye who can, make for Salvation’s port, and, harbouring there, seek ye for one to take ye by the hand and lead you unto the gates of self-knowledge.”



Now lets consider what it would be like to really literally hold hands with GOD/GODDESS?

In This mythic wisdom stage of study it is ok to see the divine as an entity outside of oneself even though we also know that it is at the same time connected to our deeper self. And also manifesting as what we perceive in he world.

Now can you imagine an entity of peace and total wisdom, that knows what is best and care totally for your best interest? A mother and father, a doctor an advocate, the light in the heart the light in the mind when the eyes are closed; The person on the street who out of the blue tells you something you realize later you needed to know badly; the person blown up in a Baghdad street and the husband, brother, sister, mother or child that made you angry and thereby reminded you of your own folly so that one day you would be beyond such worldly rhetoric; is that the god/goddess of glory in myth who struck poison into Ra or the one running wild in the forest feeding on the flesh of evil doers and the good alike? Is it that entity that beckons us to stay close and listen and be aware of the inner truth, forsaking all else? Is it that being that is revealed in the silence, in the smile and in the sky?

As an aspirant to revel in such glories and mysteries and perils is the duty of life and most of all grabbing the hand of that one who leads to the inner shrine.