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slide from Shedy Wisdom presentation showing aryu


“Mastery of the passions, allows divine thought and action.”



Taking this idea a step further, as the proverb suggests, the mastery over passions [meaning aryu] allows the mind of such a person to operate freely and spontaneously. So they do not have to stop and think “Is what I am going to say something appropriate here? is it egoistic? is it sagely?, is it funny?, is it silly? and “Does it matter anyway?’

So this person does not have the burden and stress of thinking since they have worked through the “issues” in the unconscious mind. What comes out is not filtered by egoistic ego so it is not filtered through a egoistic perspective. Furthermore, they do not think in terms of am I a doctor or an engineer and also an individual person. They have discovered that what they are is transcendental self projecting through as if a pinhole of individuality. From the perspective of a person who is working towards enlightened consciousness there is struggle to control mind and discover thoughtlessness so as to know life beyond thoughts, especially egoistic thoughts. Having discovered the nature beyond ego based existence and thinking The mind expands [awet] to encompass a level of being that allows peace [hetep] to exist in the personality. Therefore, the idea of thoughtfulness or thoughtlessness is, at that point, transcended.