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slide from Shedy Wisdom presentation showing good association


One thing I am keenly aware of is the necessity for Khnumt Nefer or good association and I have tried to provide some in the form of the weekly chats and the monthly webinars.
Yet I do realize that that is a convention to meet the needs in a form demanded by circumstance, as the more ideal would be in person and on an, at least weekly basis. However, since most all live in different cities that is impractical and therefore the current technology has been setup to provide some, at least partial, feeling of fellowship.

Nevertheless, human beings are social animals [at least until enlightenment is discovered] so until then fellowship is an important ingredient of the spiritual practice [shedy].

Perhaps you may consider also having more regular worship meeting sessions together in order to enhance the frequency and quality of interaction by using s system that will allow you to see each other as well as hear each other; the frequency and audiovisual aspects in a context of worship and communal quiet meditation may go some ways to mitigate for the distance as many of you find yourselves in varied cities separated by large physical distances. This could go some ways towards filling the gap which is important to the successful practice and sustained impetus to progress in the studies but also sustain yourselves emotionally and psychically.

While these issues are of interest to female aspirants primarily, the male aspirants should also be aware of their own needs in this area which many times are overlooked by their male character that tends to be more able to set aside feelings and is conditioned by a society of pathological patriarchy.

So if you would be interested in doing something like that it would be an extracurricular activity, not a requirement. I would assist by setting up the program -if you want to use the same one we use for the webinars. Or you may choose a different one. You would setup a schedule for who would do readings or you can watch the worship videos, etc. The important thing is to have audio and video communication to be able to see each other and hear each other on a more frequent basis. The more frequent basis is to counteract the frequency of worldly interaction that is actually the source of experiences that lead to negative aryu, less desire to make an effort towards the teaching, feelings of frustration with the world, etc. Of course I or Seba Dja would strive to b present whenever possible though we would not run the worship except perhaps offer some words of wisdom at an appropriate time. This would be a service to experience fellowship primarily and not so much for wisdom except that which contributes towards a sense of spiritual communion whereby all can feel part of a spiritual process in which the individual feelings can have expression, outlet and sublimation, thereby allowing space for the teaching to work in other areas of life. Perhaps also this opportunity could be extended to level 1 aspirants?


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