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Arit Neter S

One more comment on the thread about cultures from video 3 initiated by Shems Heryt.

Udja. Much gratitude for this thread. It is a signpost to me of how much can change in so short a period of time and space. Fascinating how everything is connected. Since my recent comment on this post, I have come to the place where I am taking a break from cultures that I was once very much involved with, like Reggae, and Rastafari in particular. Have not really been a Rasta for over 3 decades, however, in my line of work as a reggae artist, it was still a major part of my life. I have come to see that if a tradition, person, etc does not have an authentic spiritual foundation, tradition, teaching and preceptor, then I would be better off staying away, at least for the time being. I noticed a pattern where I wold get off track with my own practice, plans and progress. It was amazing how everything just played itself out and I came to this realization after having been told about it for many years.

As for my Native connections, I am not involved with any activities or organizations at this time anyway, so I will continue to honor my ancestors as I have always done, however, I am not seeking any employment or collaborations at the moment.

I am very happy to learn about the Hotel Per Ankh because I have envisioned an Egyptian Style Spa at the wellness center in Ecuador. This news is very inspiring to me. DUA!