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Level 1-Lesson 11 Pages 141-154

If religion and yoga are practiced at the lower levels only, what is the result? they will not yield spiritual enlightenment but dogmas and intellectualism.

The Egyptian Yoga Book Series has been put together in such a fashion as to offer what? Every individual a specific discipline as well as an integrated method to practice all forms of yoga while at the same time advancing through the three stages of religion

How should an aspirant think about their prospects to follow an integral path of Sema Tawi -Kemetic Yoga? In a positive perspective and also realize that as you grow in one area you grow in all areas if practiced correctly.

The 4 aspects of the personality are (Emotion Reason Action and Will)

The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the _________(emotional) aspect of the personality.
Integral Yoga gives you the opportunity to practice Yoga at all times. True.

Describe the 4 main paths of yoga practice.
1) Yoga of Devotion [Reason]: This process involves having control over your feelings and throughout the day taking time out to Direct love towards the Divine.
2) Yoga of Wisdom [Reason]: Learning to Understand the purpose and spiritual meanings of the myths and aspects of the gods and goddess
3) Yoga of Righteous Virtue [Action]: Selfless Service – Purity of Heart
4) Yoga of Meditation [Will]: The study and strengthening of the mind