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Level 1, Lesson 7, Audio Assignment – What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice?

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
Shedy means to participate in a practice that allows one to understand the Divine Self and the teachings. It is a misconception to think you are living a successful life based on worldly values. In the Shutout Neter philosophy one is considered a “mummy” until one experiences life as an enlightened being thine one is resurrected. When we live our life ruled by the ego we are less than an animal because we are allowing our ego to rule us. When one is ruled by the higher self then one takes control over the ego and the ego serves you instead of you serving the ego. By embracing, living and seeking out virtue and applying them in your life while you are continuing to practice is the definition of a successful spiritual practice. As you become more and more pure in your mind you will be able to understand and have higher truths; therefore, the truth you experience today will be different than the truth you will experience and know tomorrow Being flexible and not rigid as you experience and embrace the different levels of truth will aid one in their spiritual practice. Truth is not literal means that our truths change as we purify the mind because as the mind releases the impure impressions we can begin to understand higher truths because the impressions in the mind affect our perceptions and our understanding. If we are willing to release old truths as we evolve we wilt have a forward movement in our spiritual practice. Focusing on truthfulness will bring ones life into alignment with the Divine Self on every level. To succeed in one’s spiritual practice you must seek truth and go beyond faith, you must apply it and see the proof of the teaching, reflection, meditation and actually applying what one learns from the teaching to discover the intuitive truth and gain wisdom through the experience of the application. As one begins to understand Truth through the application one purifies the mind and as the mind is purified it will be able to understand higher truths. Therefore, one’s perceptions of what spirituality is and what truth is will change as one grows in purity of the mind. Humility assists one in honestly accessing themselves and be open to the discovery of the Divine/Self. Misconceptions of what spirituality is are self-defeating. Whatever you are doing wrong today you put into motion through your past actions, your actions today will create your future. Learning to forgive oneself and move forward to create new impressions and discover new Truths is an ongoing process that will lead to enlightenment.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?
I have learned over the years that I develop systems and routines in my life. Many times I make a conscious choice to disrupt those systems and routines to take a step forward in my spiritual growth. I had thought that this kind of growth was “unique” to me and just accepted it as such, now I realize it is part of the process, a challenge at times, however, part of the process. I had created a “system” and “routine” when it came to my Shedy practice. The opportunity to change that was when the routine changed due to the pilgrimage. I realized because of the “system” in place my practice was mechanical and had no feeling. I decided to not follow the videos and tapes and develop my own practice within the video and Devotional Manual guidelines. I wanted my devotional worship ritual to be one of feeling and commitment, not one of mechanical steps. I wanted my practice to be one that I looked forward to and saw value in and not one of “going through the motions” and what I should do. I hit fear immediately but ignored it and went forward with my decision. My practice is more rewarding and has more depth and feeling that I can embrace in times when I am challenged. I follow the videos at times to keep on point and at times I practice without them. I have also learned a lesson in following my intuition. I have also felt how it feels to take over the mind and allow the higher self to express by using my will.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

This audio presentation helped me to have a greater understanding of what the Shedy practice is about at a higher level. The practical aspects were understood, however, I have a deeper understanding of why one must practice. It has helped me to understand that intellectually learning the teachings helps one to understand what one must “do” and how to understand the philosophy, however, I see now that I must take control of my Mind and use my Higherself to counteract the Mind in its impure state. I understand now why when one does not act virtuously one must acknowledge it is not a right action and then know what the right action is. Even if it means changing the action in the middle of the act. It is a process that needs to happen and must happen to heal and purify the mind. Putting pressure on myself to do more than is comfortable is a backwards movement. The Shedy practice must be balanced and increased in small increments so that it becomes a steady part of my life. Isolating myself from life’s challenges does not serve me. I must participate in life in a virtuous way and put the teachings into practice. I see the process of purification in the beginning is like having a wound that is infected, one must open the wound to let the pus out so that it can heal.