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Bastu Baket

Intro to EY PT.5 Video:
In the very first statement of this video Sebai Maa says, “Hold hands with God, to know God is to become one with God.” How profound and Nefer this statement is. It is a Divine Embrace! In the previous video he had said we must make offerings to God with the Hetep Slab offerings of our maleness and femaleness, our individuality, our duality as we cannot be individuals and be One with God. So for me this holding hands with God is the embracing of the Divine Self within you, having union with that essence.

Now how do we go about doing this? Sebai Maa leads us step by step by examples of the Paths to the Divine. Firstly by showing us various images of the Goddess Maat (who represents righteousness, truth, order, balance, justice, harmony) one of her sailing in the Boat of Ra as he makes his journey across the heavens meaning that she breaks the waters to allow the spirit to come through. So we must be emulate Maat in our daily lives so we may become pure of heart to allow the Hetep (true peace) so that spirit may come through. Here we were also shown an image of Ramses II offering Maat in the Temple of Asar in Abdu which we were given the opportunity to view and absorb while in Kemet. We also have been given the 42 Precepts to guide us that include: truth, non-violence, righteous action, self control, right speech, right worship, selfless service, balance of mind, right reasoning and right thinking, and sexual sublimation. Maat philosophy began in the Pre-Dynastic age before 5,000 BCE much earlier than these other religions. These Precepts have been the template for many other religions such as Jewish 10 Commandments, Christian Beatitudes, etc.

Path of Devotional Love – Purifying your emotions and understanding that our search for wholeness in time and space which is fleeting and illusory, must be transformed into an abiding wholeness that can be found in that oneness with the Divine. This path is a two-fold path it enjoins Devotion and Wisdom. You must have both or it will be unbalanced. Sebai Maa reiterates that “The greatest offering is to become one with the Divine.”

Path of Meditation – Sebai Maa has written 2 books on this topic: “Ancient Egyptian Path to Enlightenment” and the “Glorious Light Meditation”. His studies led to the discovery of this practice that was written in the Tomb of Seti Ua (Seti 1st). It’s Hekau was to be uttered by all the people, so it was not just for the priests and priestess or Per Aah’s but for all, which reads: Nuk Hekau (I am the Word); Nuk Ra Akhu (I am the Glorious Spirit of Ra); Nuk Ba Ra (I am the Soul of Ra), Nuk Hekau (I am the Word) I am One with Ra. How truly glorious to realize this!

Egyptian Tantra Yoga – This is the philosophy of uniting the opposites in relationships. Righteousness implies balance in Creation. Here Sebai Maa showed us iconography from the Temple of Asar these images may be misconstrued as sexual however are tantric teachings. The male is seen as spirit and the female is seen as creation. The goddess receives the seed and she does the work of creation. This is in direct opposite to Western mythology where the male is the creator and goddesses are not found. In Kemetic philosophy there is a balance between male and female which is paramount. Egypt was the only place where women had full status legally and culturally in history. I was not aware that up until 100 years ago there were no women doing Yoga in India. Supreme tantric evolution is symbolized by the winged sun disk (Heru Bedhet) who defeated Set by becoming All Encompassing by having a tantric movement otherwise they were equals in this battle. Set had to relent once Heru was All Encompassing, he now encompassed all creation. It is very important to practice meditation in order to bolster our willpower as well as self-control to abate desires for what is illusory and the Wisdom teachings allow you to do this.

Serpent Power – I learned that the “Serpent Power” was actually Sebai Maa’s main path he explored early on. Serpent Power is Arat Sekhem in Kemetic parlance and mean Life Force. The two Goddesses Aset and Nebehet form the Caduceus a presented in the Pert M Heru which as the Djed Pillar of Asar and is your central column of your solar spinal column. These two goddesses are the serpents that intertwine and rise up through the subtle channels to the crown of the head. The rising up leads to Ankh (life) and to Ra the Supreme Divinity. This practice of the Serpent Power dates back prior to 10,000 BCE. The Sphinx or Hor M Akhet had a serpent on its forehead in between the brows symbolizing the opening of the Third Eye. The Sphinx was found during excavation from Napoleon’s time and it was covered up to it’s neck in sand from the last 1,500 years. The serpent was found lying between the paws. It now lays mostly hidden on a shelf in the Cairo Museum which we got to see while there. Sebai Maa exhibited a chart that is contained in two papyri the Quenna and the Greenfield which showed the system of the Sefech Ba Ra (or 7 Souls of Ra) Each one of the energy centers are one of the souls of Ra and they manifest through creation as the 7 notes of music, the 7 colors of the rainbow etc. To open these energy centers we have to deal with the principles and starting from the bottom of the chart with the lower nature and moving to the higher nature they are fear and survival; sexuality and creation of others, power and control over others, universal love, self control and transcendence universal awareness union with the cosmic self.

Main teachings from this video are Sebai Maa is presenting the different Pathways to the Divine. Our ancient Sages knew there are many different personality types that feel affinity with certain types of teachings which lead to the same end result. Through Sebai Maa’s books and teachings we learn to determine which path resonates with us and through and integral practice of Shedy we to have the capacity to reach that glorious result. My feelings about this video are how grateful to the ancient Sages who have brought them through to Sebai Maa so that we may use and benefit and not just be selfish with them but to somehow help to disseminate them to benefit of humanity. “HOLD HANDS WITH GOD”!

Shems Baket