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“Follow your heart throughout your life. Do more than is required of you. Spend no more time on daily cares than required by your household, when wealth ultimately arrives, then too follow your heart for wealth does no good if you are downhearted.”

Dua for this post and the lesson review.
I heard the songs also and the “Where was this practiced?” had a special resonance and I heard the “Kemetic Goddess Chant” before but I think this was a newer and more polished version.

About your statement: “When I recite the 4 Great Truths, I always get this amazing feeling as if I have just entered into a threshold.An Maat Swy Saui Set S Khemn is my favorite.”
Indeed, usually by the fourth recitation of the hekau the personality is transformed especially if there was strong tension, emotion or unrest, anger or even positive feelings; the design is to bring back to a center, a maatian peace and balance.
On the Shedy Calculator always remember that the higher the quality of aryu the less mathematical the equations become and the more exponentially the benefits of shedy accrue.
Indeed, in giving and receiving there is to be reciprocity for in one shape or form or another all entities in Creation are looked after. The important thing is to chart a pathway with your art that opens a pathway to expansion and peace; and all necessities are provided. This is not a wishful thinking path but one applied to with care and precision and continued effort. Remembering that now the music business is digital there are other venues to make the offerings and you have been doing the videos and establishing a fan base and that is supportive especially if you do live performances. But there possibly is something more you can give that few others are in a position to do, to bring the teachings through music; you have done some of this could be a profound service that would elevate you in exponential ways and also be of great benefit to the community.

On this statement: “Teachings and practices from kemet were the same ones later written down and become the words of Indian Sages and became Gnostic Christianity before Romans arrived and Judaism before the Jews.” Please consult my reply to your post at [Level 2 Video Assignment Discussions Forum] (

About your statement: “Thanks to Shetaut Neter, I have gotten much better at doing battle, both physical and spiritual battle, and getting out of that state faster, and staying out of that for longer periods of time.” HTP and keep up the good work – continue moving forward.