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Nuk pa aper-a er aab khu – f

I have been provided with power over my spirits


Tefnut color copyGoddess Tefnut

One correction is in the term “UKERU” –should be “UKHEDU”
It is good to know you are moving forward with the music and I saw your video and the struggle at your location there. It seems that California on the whole is becoming uninhabitable for varied reasons, not the least of which is the increasing numbers of fires.
I heard your song and am glad you are finding solace and support in it.
Your statement was very important: “My life is overflowing with knowledge, wisdom, cosmic forces, abundance, love, appreciation and gratitude. Even appreciation for my Self, which is new.”
All human beings have crises of self-appreciation at some point in life or lifetimes. This is a compounded predicament for the soul which is already operating in ignorance but then getting piled on something that is completely contrary to the truth; for if the truth were fully known, without unwanted ego filters, those thoughts would have nowhere to take up residence in the personality.
As such your great capacities in music and storytelling afford you the capability to channel and express deeply held feelings and work through issues that prevent the light of self from flowing – and you are progressing: “Even appreciation for my Self, which is new.” This indeed is key to advancement on the path, for lack of self-appreciation means lack of capacity to appreciate the Divine, since you are a manifestation, an expression of divinity and to the extent that there can be clarity on that issue, to that extent there will be peace and understanding in life.
Therefore continue reflecting on these issue and everyday remember this wisdom through every step, song and struggle…
That you may always know there is life beyond the muddle..
When times are easy remember your song,
In time things get better for all changes before long.
Tell the person who sits in your chair,
Yes be present and aware,
Of the failings and follies of life as a human,
For that the teaching will help to illumine,
The part that my heart plays,
The path that philosophy lays,
Out of the wilderness and fire and drowning waters of perdition roads.
Gods and goddesses all help bear my loads.
Neteru nebu gods and goddesses all,
Helping out a sister, to discover the reason for her fall.
As Sekhemit rose with the teaching of Djehuty,
Well, now comes Ar t Neter-s mery maa ty!