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“The delusion is believing that there are disunions. All things are one.”



Very good
In considering truth of speech, indeed maa kheru (true of speech) represents a state of consciousness that has been achieved through living by truth. As for sharing or expressing truth to the extent one currently knows it, that is to be calibrated by a sense of harmony in the world so sharing with those who are ready to understand, as in the philosophy. However, a certain amount of disharmony is needed in the world to promote spiritual evolution and that means spiritual personalities can be, by their very existence, disruptive elements-but in a good way. It is also important to realize that this teaching is not absolute. For example, sometimes contradicting another person is unavoidable so harmony or peace cannot be maintained. Suppose if a friend wants you to go out and party when you had scheduled time for shedy and khnumnt nefer. You may say I can’t go with you as I have a spiritual practice to attend. The friend will get upset but that is your truth. So speaking, acting, thinking truth, any of these can “get you in trouble”. So, living by truth also sometimes may involve causing a ruckus but that is not your doing as a person of truth (if you truly are living by truth and not a delusion-such as faith-based religion, or self-directed aspirants). Rather, it is the fault of those who are not living by truth who are agitated by confronting truth which they are not able or willing to accept.
The person of truth must have will power to resist blame, shame, guilt or ridicule, for friends or family who react in such ways are part of a world of delusion that should have no effect (theoretically) on the personality of a powerful aspirant [which you are working to become]. Even if a planet were to smash into the sun the planet would be consumed; likewise any calumnies or accusations based on untruth should fall on an initiate in the same way. Case in point is Lady Aset after merging with Ra (the sun Divinity), henceforth she is as powerful and glorious and elevated and as impervious to slander or depression over the miseries of life as he. So too the aspirant is to move towards that sun which is the glory of enlightenment which thereafter spits forth deadly rays from the cobra perched at the site between the eyebrows (deadly to iniquity, unrighteousness, untruth, etc.)