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“No one reaches the beneficent West (heaven) unless their heart is righteous by doing MAAT. There is no distinction made between the inferior and the superior person; it only matters that one is found faultless when the balances and the two weights stand before the Lord of Eternity. No one is free from the reckoning. Thoth, a baboon, holds the balances to count each one according to what they have done upon earth.”


FROM THE PERT M HERU TEXT: djehuty and ammit and anpu at balance scalesimage029 propietaryLord Djehuty records the results of the balance test of the heart of the individual weighed against the feather of Maat assisted by Lord Anpu and watched closely by the Ammit creature who will devower the heart if it is found to be unrighteous.


Very good reflections, the type that are being enjoined by the teachings. This is exactly the point, those feelings of yesteryear both good and bad both go to form the content of the unconscious through which a human being sees and understands the world around them. Therefore, they are critical to life as a human being and more critical for the spiritual evolution. If a person feels inferior they will see the world through that prism and when degradation is imposed on them they will not only accept it but will agree with it and even help it. The feeling of devotion to the divine cleanses that and leads to understanding one is more than a pathetic mortal being but rather something much greater! Therefore, this Maatian teaching of the Maatian balances scales, of aryu, of maa kheru, etc. is not only critical, it is central to becoming an emancipated human being from the vicissitudes of human existence but also from the snare of egoistic feeling and understanding that blocks the spiritual evolution. Yes this is of critical importance. As you proceed, more and more you will see the balance not as a physical ritual but as a psychological judgment of the state of mind/conscience when compared with the standard of maat wisdom and philosophy by comparing the sum-total content of the unconscious mind which is composed of aryu from millions of lifetimes summed up in the way a person feels, thinks, desires and aspires through their lives.

Very well


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