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“God is not Mind, but Cause that the Mind is; God is not Spirit, but Cause that Spirit is; God is not Light; but Cause that Light is.”

Anpu in gold image

Image of Lord Anpu


Indeed, the process of cognition involves many facets and it is important to purify them all in order to be able to have the possibility of righteous understanding of any subject. First there is mind and that is Anpu. Anpu is purified instinctual mind that recognizes truth versus falsehood. Next Djehuty which is intellect, the ability to think correctly about things without emotional taint. This promotes khak ab or dispassion and detachment. Then there is Aset which is intuitional wisdom that does not need to congnize and just knows intuitively. These are purified through living ethically which includes diet of body mind and soul. [Kemetic Diet] and regular practice of shedy (study wisdom teachings, devotional ritual, maat ethical living, meditation and quiet time) and khnumnt nefer (good association). Through this process an aspirant promotes a mind that is cleansing the setian (ego) elements and aryu (remnants in the unconscious mind of previous egoistic and or spiritual actions of the past) and renders the mind pure (maa kheru) to recognize the reality beyond mind, time and space (intuitional realization of higher self (nehast).