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Asar and Ra resting in eachother as amunra copy

“Asar at peace is Ra and Ra at peace is Asar: together are Amun Ra standing on Maat”

(translation by Sebai MAA)

Hail, Åmun, let me make supplication unto thee, for I know thy name, and thy transformations are in my mouth, and thy skin is before my eyes. Come, I pray thee, and place thou thine heir and thine image, myself, in the everlasting underworld… let my whole body become like that of a neter, let me escape from the evil chamber and let me not be imprisoned therein; for I worship thy name..




Very well.

Indeed an important factor in spiritual development is wholistic movement, in other words integral spiritual practice that includes disciplines to take care of an effect positive evolution in all major aspects of the personality from the physical aspect to the feelings, the intellect, ethical conscience and will power. If the teaching is practiced in this way there is greater chance of balanced and powerful progress instead of disjointed or lopsided movement (1 step forward and 3 steps back).