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level 1 lesson 2
Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4

I got to be informed of sage Seti Owa who we know at this time to be the first to teach The Glorious Light Meditation System.
I got a basic understanding of what Maatian Philosophy and spirituality consists of. I got the understanding of the ultimate gold of Maatian philosophy is not just about doing good acts but to discover the cosmic balance between you and the universe. How important it is to guard your heart from being weighed down with delusion.
I now have the understanding of the disciplines that are necessary for spiritual enlightment. These disciplines first start with the student being honest about their approach to the spiritual system. We must be willing to surrender to the sage and the teachings. Then we have disciplines such as Meditation, we also have physical as well as mystical exercise poses to perform and devotional worship to be preformed three times daily.
And lastly I got that spirituality is made up of different practices that must be preformed to have a complete spiritual experience.

what impressed me the most in this video was learning how much work we must do to obtain our goal as Neterians. This was made clear to me when it was explained that our heart will be weighted against something as light as a feather.This led me to reflect on the experiences that have left me with feelings that i have held onto for years of my life that have made me heavy in heart. I now see that their is a system that provides the tools for me to use so that i can properly lighten my heart.