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“God sheds light on they who shake the clouds of Error from their soul, and sight the brilliancy of Truth, mingling themselves with the All-sense of the Divine Intelligence, through love of which they win their freedom from that part over which Death rules, and has the seed of the assurance of future Deathlessness implanted in him. This, then, is how the good will differ from the bad.”



An additional nuance on the idea of moving backward to go forward.
Indeed, if you are going on a trip and you forget a piece of luggage at home you need to go back for it so you can have what you need.
In this case a person may have unfinished business in terms of subconscious issues that need to be resolved in order to move forward. This could be an issue blocking the capacity to feel rightly, see objectively, etc.
Some kinds of aryu (unconscious impressions of the past and emotional issues of the past) can be dealt with not necessarily by going home to get the baggage but by moving forward but with the conscious realization that there is an issue and applying the maat (ethical conscience) teaching in life to address the issue(s). So here only a slight shift in the angle of vision is necessary.

Therefore keep moving forward and face the issues of life head on and when necessary take the time to go back home and when possible recognize the issue and keep moving forward, relentlessly like Lady Aset when she discovered the faults of life and the world and relentlessly pursued an answer to the question of the illusoriness, insufficiency, frailty and folly of human existence. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and resolve to search for, act with and pursue truth to the best of your ability.