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“The one who provokes others gets into trouble. Don’t be haughty lest you be humbled. But also, don’t be mute lest you be chided.”


I appreciated your candidness and sincerity as you describe your current spiritual practices.
It is especially important to learn humility on the spiritual path and this means, among other things, honoring others when they want to do their own thing. It is natural for human beings to want to chare wisdom or any other thing they have found beneficial though others may not be ready or desirous to hear at the time. So it is important to share above all with others on the spiritual path (Khnumnt Nefer – good association). This allows a free flow of exchange in which the discussion elevates and augments the teaching and the spiritual practice. In so doing there is personal uplift and also when the time is right it is possible to share with others. Keep moving in your current direction.