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Level 1 – Lesson 2
SN short part 2

– Public practise – Done at the temple or with a priestess/priest
– Private practise – Done at home, altering the home, having and alter, etc.
– Glorious list meditation
– The weighing of the heart
– Maat philosophy
– Discipline of the postures
– Accepting your spiritual teacher as your spiritual guide and letting go of your ego in regards to your teacher.
– Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom
– Intuition is direct understanding without having to send your intellect
– 3 stages of understanding –
Listening, reflection, meditation

The most impressive aspect of the lecture was I believe the posture. I would like to be ale to delve deeper into the Kemetic sma tawi and practise the postures myself as I have always had an interest In yoga. Maybe it would do me good to purchase a book.