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Four main ethnic groups recognized by the Ancient Egyptians
(Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Libyans, Ancient Nubians, Ancient Middle Easterners)


well done

One correction relates to the use of the word “race of people”. In a higher sense the Neterian teaching preeminently but not exclusively in the statements of Sage Akhenaton instructs that all human beings are of the same ethnicity even if they may appear differently on the surface. In this context we may refer to different ethnicities for color of skin is only one factor denoting a persons background, heritage, etc. within a total conception of culture. In other words we can have peoples from different ethnicities following western culture so the idea of race is a misconception and or fabrication to deceive humanity as to the common origins and underlying kinship of all humanity. So in ancient times different ethnicities were recognized but never was there an assignment of them to different or separate races of humanity; in other words there is only one human race.