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Dua and Blessings for the comments on my lecture posting. I think Shems Baket answered the question about the encounter with traditional practitioners at the Per Ankh Hotel with my same sentiments. This is the only hotel in Abydos and we were among its first visitors, since it is brand new, and I wish them much future success.

As far as the comments from Shems Arit with regard to the purity of Kemetic philosophy and “dealing with issues” on that subject in comparison with different spiritual traditions, I can appreciate what you are saying. It is true that all spiritual traditions, when practiced in a holistic approach of Myth, Ritual and Mysticism, share a common bond regardless of the outer ethnic expression. Many years ago, before I was aware of Kemetic spiritual philosophy, I seriously considered practicing Voudon. When I began to explore Kemetic spiritual philosophy, I saw how many similarities Voudon had with Kemetic spiritual practices. Now that I am initiated in the Neterian tradition, I still have an appreciation for the Voudon tradition but I do not feel the necessity to combine the Voudon traditions into my Kemetic practices. This is what I interpret practicing the purity of Kemetic philosophy to mean. The Neterian tradition accepts and recognizes all authentic traditions of spiritual practice because, dating back to approximately 10,000 B.C., it is the blueprint for all world religions.

Dua Sebai Maa for your comments on the Temples being the mythic Wisdom made concrete. How much more I appreciate those words after seeing the Kemetic Temples once again during the Pilgrimage, seemingly for the first time. As always I value your comments and criticisms that aid me in my spiritual growth.