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Level 1 – Lesson 1 – Intro into Egyptian yoga and Neterian spirituality
Pages 10-20

Egyptians and Ethiopians are one people.
Ethiopians came from the South into Egypt. Both languages describe the race of the people in the names of their countries/Land.

Egyptians were a colony of Ethiopians from the South who came to the North East part of East Africa.

Yoga philosophy is Egyptian religion.
It is the path of Spirituality that can lead to Nehast when devoted and disciplined.

The initiatic way of life is the temple system of education. Initiation is an introduction into the path of Spirituality. It is an aspirant embarking on a journey to lead to spiritual Awakening.

Yoga councillors initiate the seeker/student into the spiritual teachings based on the students ability.
Aspirants may be on different levels due to knowledge, experience and ability. Whether you know a fair amount you should start on level 1 to be guided throughly through things you may already know.