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Into to SN short part 1b –

What are the main teachings brought out in the audio recording?

– What is Neterian is
– Who the Kemetic university are?
– Who founded Neterianism
– Elevated philosophical spiritual system
– A righteous student is needed to comprehend teaching and in turn elevate
– Herumakhet – Heruakti – Sphinx
– Oldest spiritual system documented
– African spirituality
– Nubians and Kamatians are the same race, you can identify them by their headress
– Zoomorphic – Anthromorphic – Iconography
– Both Gods and Goddesses are presented as principles in Kamatians spirituality, there is no one without the other
– The purpose of life
– 3 stages of religion
– What is a shemsu neter/Neterian?
– All teachings lead to and come from one
– 4 great truths
– Sema – Union
– The union of higher and lower nature
– 3 fold worship per day
– Heka – Mantra – Words of power
– Nehast – Awakening

What stood out the most is the polarity forever present in Kamatian spirituality. The polarity between upper and lower Kemet, Man and Woman, higher and lower nature, teacher and student.