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Audio Assignment LvL 1 Wk 3: GS13- Dr Muata Ashby interview About his work and philosophy by -theremix

1-What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

A. All forms of Yoga have a foundation in the same principle of uniting the lower and the higher self. Only the rituals and symbols may differ.
B. Creation is not a physical reality in an abiding and enduring way that never changes.
C. Neberdjer is the substratum or essence of creation unlike orthodox religions’ way of looking at it where God has created something outside of himself.
D. We are one with the substratum or essence of creation and the realizing and continual experience of that is termed Nehast.
E. True knowledge should lead you to freedom and peace. To discover the underlying of essence of creation and if not it is time and space knowledge that will eventually lead to a narrowing of the intellect, a constriction in the feeling of oneness and supreme peace.
F. Myths are very important not only for the development of ones personal spiritual practice but for the society as well. Myths provide the foundation for how we relate to each other as well as how we fit into creation as a whole. Myths are more than stories but are based on a higher reality that should be understood and then lived in order to receive the maximum benefit.
G. Your practice must contain all three levels (myth, ritual, mystical experience) of experience for true union to occur and anything else, one will fall short and still be ruled by ignorance.
H. The higher self or the essential nature doesn’t have potential because from the higher perspective that is all that exist. Potential comes in on a relative level to discover but the supreme self is ultimately full and in reality that is all there is.

2-Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

B. I am beginning to look at this world as a dream no more real then when I dream or don’t dream at night for that matter. I try to remember that I am the eternal witness and try to get less entangled in this life that I have created for myself.
D. I try to keep that internal reflection going not only when I’m presented with a difficult situation but through peaceful times that I am one with Neberdjer. That my true self is one with something beyond this time and space reality but also one with it as well. In the knowledge of my true self is the supreme peace and love and the experience of that is the goal of my life.
E. I now put more thought before I speak on spiritual truths more careful not to go over people heads. True knowledge is something that heals wounds (ignorance) and promotes peace internally which will naturally flow outward. It took me a long time to experience the truth of that on my initiatic level of practice. Knowledge of self as well as the way to reach Nehast, the way to clear up complexes, the way to begin to realize ones true potential should be used in a way to uplift oneself and others instead of a weapon to belittle and berate those who don’t follow an authentic spiritual discipline.
F. Now knowing the importance of the myth I study in a more earnest and sincere fashion compared to when I first started reading the book series. Realizing the myth will begin to answer the questions I have when coupled with study and reflection on the teachings.
H. I try and remain in a peaceful and content mind state in realizing that when associated with the higher self I am supremely full and realizing this world that I have created for myself through this reincarnation can be a great tool in aiding in my journey to enlightenment.

3-If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

G. The third level of practice which is the mystical experience is an area which I constantly try to build up. I do the basic practice of meditation most days but would like to lengthen it. I do try and keep my mind in a reflective thought process and that has made it easier to do a formal meditation.

The importance of integral yoga can’t be understated and now I try and practice all the aspects daily knowing the weaker parts of the practice will get stronger with time.