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Video Assignment Level 1 – Lesson 3 – Intro to SN short part 3b

What where the important themes?

1. That we exist past the three states of consciousness or modes of existence as being one with Neberdjer.
2. There is clear evidence apart from the Egyptian sources that shows similarities or influences from Egyptian Mythology present in other eastern religions such as Buddhism.
3. The practice has deeper levels of application based on your current level of initiation.
4. There was no concept of a devil in the Egyptian religion , Set being depicted as representing the lower forces not negative but lower compared to desires and actions that lead one to Nehast.

What impressed me in the video.

1. Not to waste time with those who practice lower forms of spirituality as they can be a more of a distraction than an aid. It also made me realize even further the necessity of practicing good association.
2. We need to allow people to grow in maturity until they get to a point where they are ready to practice a true form of spirituality that contains the three levels of practice.
3. Nehast, achieving perennial awareness one realizes that the waking reality is just as much a dream as when you “fall asleep”.
4. How the seemingly different forms of the teaching are elucidated in the different temples of worship they actually are all saying the same thing just in a way that accents different aspects of the teaching.