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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 -Lesson 6 – Video Assignment Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

List the important themes presented

The themes presented explained the symbolism of the alter ritual and chants, the stages of religion, the sections of the temple and it’s correlation to the penetration of the mysteries by aspirants/initiates, the different realms of existence and Truth.

The symbolism of the daily alter ritual and chants includes lighting of the candle which symbolizes the divine spirit within, the lighting of the incense symbolizes the fragrance of the personality which when burn through righteousness and truth exudes to commune with the Divine. Libation, the pouring of water from one container to the next symbolizes the one pointed focus of the mind towards the divine and the live food or vegetable offering symbolizes a physical offering to the divine.

Chants/hekaus are words of power for transformation of the mind and personality. They are to be recited four times with power and feeling to make them effective. Chanting four times represents creation in totality; north, south, east and west. The chant for the offering table or hotep slab is a spoken offering which symbolizes unity, the giving up of duality, one’s male and female energy.

There are three stages of religion, myth, ritual and mysticism. The myth gives an insight into what the purpose of life is, the ritual supports the myth. The myth is to be penetrated until it’s understood. The ritual is to be done with feelings and devotion, this leads to institutional wisdom of the Divine, mysticism.

There are three sections of the temple and three forms of aspirants. The criteria for being accepted into the mysteries/temple requires maturity. The outer court section of the temple are for the mortals, those who desire to aspire by showing interest in the teachings, through devotion, music and chanting. The next section of the temple is for striving initiates, this area of the temple is where the high philosophy of the teachings are given. The third section of the temple is for initiates that have been given the light.

The pursuit of initiates that have been accepted into the temple is to discover truth. Truth is the only thing worth pursuing in life because truth is permanent and unchanging. This truth is that Spirit is constant, transcendental, and is in me and ALL of creation. Pursuing this is true and abiding happiness. The Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter encompasses what is true, why we fell from truth into illusion, how to liberate ourselves and gain freedom from ignorance and illusion and what disciplines to follow to experience the truth. The truth is that the Supreme Being is the One behind all and is all. The Shedy disciplines that we are to follow is not the ultimate goal but the means for transcending the three realms of existence in time and space. The three realms are physical (waking), astral (duat) and casual (unconscious). The casual realm causes the experiences in the physical and astral realm. The transcendental realm that transcends these three realms, is where the essence of the divine is found.

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

“Morals are judged by deeds.” stood out to me because it reiterate the importance of practicing the Shedy disciplines as the way to move forward, to elevate and attain the purpose of life Nehast. I also particularly liked the teaching on Truth in general and it being the only thing worth pursuing in life. To my current understanding or what I took from this video is that truth is One, the Supreme Being is All and also the essence of All. However, I could’n help but think of how simply this Truth sounds which led me to think of the reason why it’s not easily grasp where illusion could be dispelled with just believing it, this is summed up in the other three Great Truths; without understanding of why we fell from/forgot truth we wont understand how to get back to it and why the way is through devotion to Truth itself.