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A Devotee of Aset is-Temple of aset lecture highlights featuring story of Ra and Aset Disciplines of Plutarch 12-2007 G for 2015 Conference V1


Important words indeed, the key is practice of Shedy indeed and then as well in penetrating the mysteries and not simply accepting the superficiality or ego-expression of them. For, there is an ego of the expression of the teachings; Everything that is not transcendental spirit is ego expression of spirit which may either be ignorant or wise. Therefore, the ignorant understanding and usage of even the wisest intended teaching or iconography can have the opposite effect of that intended or at best produce stagnant and or mediocre results. What we see of the teachings, the iconographies, the chants, the lectures, costumes, fun at gatherings at festivals and visiting temples is all external unless the mind is caused to go deeper into the depths of the teaching and its wisdom so that the personal practice may go beyond the herd mentality and superficial pleasure based on early success (less stress, less mental distractions, more ordered life, more balance, etc.—these are not the uptimate goal) in spiritual life.