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Reflection Glyphs Mauy

“Mauy “reflection”


On the daily worship it is important to remember to try to have a balance between quantity and quality in that it is important especially at the beginning to have more so as to counteract the constant barrage from the world of time and space and human ego interactions. Then as devotion grows the time and quality will increase and not just during the three fold times but at other times as well.

Indeed, the pondering, the reflection time, is a step that is as important as the listening; many aspirants neglect this and think they will skip B and go directly to C and D (Listening, B-Reflection, C-Meditation, D-Enlightenment). It is an immature perspective that many do not grow out of, like the sodawater enthusiasm or fast food mentality, they apply that to the spiritual teaching as well; when that does not work they drop it and pick up another philosophy that seems fast but any authentic teaching requires time and patience, purity of aspiration and authentic preceptorship in order to work. Therefore, continue being mindful, reflective and active in balance and growing dynamism and you will succeed in time.