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Book cover growing beyond hate


It is good to hear that the study of the wisdom teaching comes naturally to you as, due to the current circumstances, that is the primary manner for the dissemination of the teachings through our spiritual organization. Keep in mind though that the Ancient Egyptian proverb tells us that the path to enlightenment has two aspects, wisdom and devotion; so devotion, divine love, worship of the divine in its myriad of forms and non-forms, is crucial to the success of an aspirant.
It also seems you are improving and working though scheduling issues as instructed and as well as possible at this time. In reference to the issue of handling the injustices of the world, if you are so inclined you may also consult the books “Growing Beyond Hate” and “Introduction to Maat Philosophy”, a source for resolving such issues and redirecting those energies towards constructive efforts and transcending the illusoriness of pleasure and pain, justice and injustice, love and hate, etc. and how to discover HETEP – the dissolution of all opposites.