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These are very good take-aways from the presentation as they help to keep the mind on track and in focus on the higher spiritual goals of the teaching. This is a major part of the work of the spiritual teacher, to be there as a resource, example and conduit for understanding the wisdom and then application of the teaching. This allows the aspirant to be able to focus the thoughts on divine subjects instead of the personal or external worlds based on illusions born of egoism. Focusing on the actions and not on the fruits of actions is key to doing actions in a way that liberates instead of binding the personality. Also, focusing on doing actions in as pure Maatian manner as possible allows other personal, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life to fall into place automatically; therefore the focus is on how to execute actions in a way that is wisest, most efficient, most selfless and that leads to harmony with the action, with the world, with the universe and with spirit and that is called Maa Kheru or truth of speech, i.e. spiritual awakening.