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Bastu Akhu

Udja Sandra,

Dua. your insight of the Four great truths resonated with me, though I wait for augmentation from Sebai, I think that the ‘energy’ the Supreme Being and our interaction through the mind and senses leads to ignorance because we are neither mind or senses but what transcends, we are that essence itself. I particularly liked “When we are devoting ourselves to the Divine we are expressing who we truly are. This means coming into alignment with order, righteousness and truth (in all areas of our lives and aspects of our personalities)”, this is my feeling as well, my life itself is a devotion to the Divine. It also reminded me that the teachings must be lived and not just studied or revered which you mentioned is through being consciously aware of the Divine in everything that we say and do, practicing the Shedy disciplines. I also liked that challenges for you are now opportunities :-), it made me smile. Dua for sharing.