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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 5 – Video Assignment – Intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 2

List the important themes presented

The main themes presented are the components of Integral Yoga, the Shedy Disciplines. Devotion through the three fold daily observance of the different stages of Ra (morning, noon and evening), Meditation and the different systems that an aspirant could practice, the Kemetic Posture system and Maat. The Keys to success in applying the teachings and the practice of Shedy is patience, perseverance, continued self – effort and good association. If the teachings are to be lived an aspirant has to listen to the teachings and reflect and meditate on them, this is Shemsu Udja Shedy, the burning desire to attain Nehast. An aspirant can check their progress on the spiritual path by their increase in devotion to the Divine and decrease in egotistical desires and actions.

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

To be successful, the teaching must be lived and not just studied and revered.