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Maat Scales of


Indeed, you have listed many issues covered and naught should be neglected in fundamental understanding for all contribute to the fuller comprehending of what the Kemetic teaching is and needs to be in the mind of an aspirant.

In another way of looking at it the Setjert drink represents Blood or ego consciousness, the I as an individual; Beer is the delusion that there can be happiness in the world of time and space; Mandrake, the spice that infuses ego and worldly desires with true capacity for fulfilment in discovering Ra as the father and source of spirit. The blood is taste that interests the palate and thus attracts the ego. The beer is the sedative that calms the restless heart (mind) of the worldly distracted soul, and then allows the mandrake or souls of Ra (7 psycho-spiritual consciousness centers) to do their work awakening the personality to a higher reality and essential being. This is, of course, a glorious teaching that is to be studied, recited, practiced in ritual and lived daily in order to experience its shetaut or mystery teaching.